Redesigning & Optimizing Processes

Our consultants are the right mix of talents all coming from HR functions and specialized consulting companies. They “live” day-to-day with our customers and have the right skills to redesign and optimize all the most complex critical processes to deliver results both in terms of performance and spending.

Balanced Scorecard

More and more our customers have to face different challenges on the market.

Having the right tools for benchmarking, static and predictive analysis of each individual HR process with precise, simple and customized action plans through our consultants and our BSC-HR.


Our framework is made up of over 200 key performance indicators, the result of a mix of standard market methodologies and the experience of our team that “measures” every day the micro processes of dozens of Italian customers.

KPIs have correlated actions and are customizable for each individual customer’s reality.

HR Healthcheck

A consolidated methodology consisting of assessments, matrices and analysis that allows you to obtain photography in a short time, but above all the operational actions to be undertaken for each micro process, from the process itself to the support tools.

Business Alignment

Human capital is increasingly a leverage for businesses.

Our HR consultants are specialized by industry and can design, along with the HR department, all the necessary actions and identify the tools to align your human capital to the business of your organization.

Solutions Selection

The choice of tools requires a bouquet of skills, such as knowledge of HR and IT processes, which hardly reside in one person and require the high expertise of our subject matter experts.

Choosing a tool in line with processes is the priority of our consultants.

Skills Frameworks

Our competence frameworks are designed vertically by industry and designed to be customized on every single reality to meet international standards and specificities of our customers.

Performance Evaluation Frameworks, Potential, 360, peer2peer

Photographing human capital and analyzing it with objective triggers is the key to our models, bonding them when necessary to prospective business policies.

Our occupational psychologists help our customers to measure the strategic dimension related to the potential of organization talents.

Talent Pool Management

Our consultants support our clients in all the classic phases of talent pool management, starting from detecting strategy to operational community management, improving the results in terms of talent retention and identification in order to safeguard the human capital needed for the current business, but above all the future.


Both for new managers and talent placement in key jobs to achieve performance targets, coaching by specialists – who work with innovative methodologies on all sizes from behavioral to technical – is required.