SaaS Solutions

Humanage with its Technicians and its Data Center and Amazon services offers its Customers a Software as a Services service on applications dedicated to Talent Management both Open Source like Moodle and Totara and Commercial like SABA. The Service offered with Service Level Agreement at the highest levels of the market is completed with a Help Desk 7 24 Support Team in multiple languages, thus allowing significant savings for Customers.

Cloud Solutions

The best-in-class partnerships with leading market vendors like Cornerstone on Demand, SABA, Oracle allow to choose the most suitable solution for our customers providing operational support on high quality processes.

Learning LPO

The operational processes of the Training significantly divert the energies of our Customers and, for this reason, the offer of Learning Process outsourcing by Humanage aims to optimize in qualitative and financial terms lightening the current staff and introducing a predefined model that leads to reliable results. In this way our customers can concentrate on the most strategic training issues guaranteed by a high level of efficiency.

Recruiting RPO

The phase of recruiting in recent years has become increasingly strategic for our customers and, the process, is particularly costly in operational terms. For this, Humanage, designed an offering dedicated made of a team of experts in each operating step that ensures high quality at competitive costs and precise SLAs.

Learning Content Farm

With a dedicated team of more than 30 consultants, the entire content production cycle is covered. Both traditional (Scorm, AICC) and advanced (xApi) as well as the innovative micro-learning pills. The Authoring Tools used represent the frontier in terms of capabilities of what the market offers.